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The Unity Party UK is a political party born out of the digital age where so many have been left behind by globalisation and the advances made in technology.

Citizens are invited to join so we can start to discuss together how we can campaign for change to:

  • Enhance and promote the welfare, wellbeing and prosperity of all people, regardless of sex, class, creed, religion or ethics origin;
  • Pursue positive policies and programs to ensure that economic opportunities are available to all in order that all people can sustain themselves in financial and economic activities;
  • Uphold, promote and protect the positive customs, values, and traditions of our diverse global society;
  • Create a global society where merit, productivity, honesty, and integrity are the foundation and guideposts for success;
  • Provide a broad-based participation of all people in the political, economic and social opportunities of our global society;
  • Encourage the growth and development of institutions based on tenets of transparency and accountability;
  • Seek balance for how government, business and civil society works together for the greater good of society.

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As a new party, it's important to lay strong foundations with a membership aspiring for unity combined with being active in our local communities ourselves.

Here's some examples of the exciting community projects our members are involved in. We look forward to showcasing more member community projects as we grow!

Local Community Events

A volunteer-led organisation, set up and run by individuals from across the area.

Produces a diverse range of art and cultural events, programmes and activities in the local area, including a community play, winter festival and a heritage project.

Green Energy Project

Our community project is working to fund, install and manage our own local clean energy projects.

As well as implementing greeen energy projects, we are also delivering workshops to educate our youth on clean energy combined with helping residents reduce their energy bills.

Community Chess Club

Our community chess club meets every Saturday in a local cafe where everyone is welcome to play.

An excellent way for elderly local people to stay mentally active whilst engaging and supporting our youth to develop new skills!

School Governor

Governor of a new school opened in September 2018, with a special focus on technology.

With many schools struggling to find enough governors, also helping recruit more school governors across the UK.

Becoming a member

Membership of The Unity Party is free and open to all who wish to see unity put back into the heart of society.

At a basic level, being a member is like adding your name to a petition on change.org - you're adding your voice to the movement and want to see the movement successful.

There will be members who wish to be active in communities, finding new members and also stand as candidates. However, if you dont have the time for any of those, don't worry as you will still be a valued member of the Unity party movement!

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Please do contact us by Email or Twitter if you would like to find out more about The Unity Party UK and how you can get involved.

You can also connect with party leader David Barker FRSA on his personal Twitter and LinkedIn.