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Welcome to the Unity Party Web site.

I’m Dr. Charles Clark, Chairman of Liberia’s Unity Party. The 2005 presidential and general elections are going to be close because of the number of candidates contesting in them. This election may be the most important election Liberia has ever had because the decisions we make now in selecting our next leaders will shape the future of our country. and we need your help at the grassroots level to make sure we elect Unity Party candidates. To help keep you more connected with what the Party is doing in Liberia we’ve redesigned our web site and added numerous new features including more information about what the party stands for, our vision for the new Liberia, news about the activities of party leaders, and most importantly encouraging Liberians to register to vote. We need you to get involved. You can call the party headquarters or write letters and emails to the website’s administrator to help promote Unity Party’s ideas.

For Liberians who have access to the Internet, I hope you’ll use the site as a way to get unfiltered, up-to-date information on everything our party is doing to reach out to Liberians and help elect Unity Party candidates across the nation in next year’s elections. The Unity Party has candidates who are strong and principled leaders with a positive agenda for our party and our beloved country. With other candidates crisscrossing the United States and Europe in air conditioned cars to collect money from those who may never vote in next year’s elections, we in Unity Party continue to improve our grassroots effort through community projects like our recently launched Susu Cleanup Campaign and hope you, your relatives, and your neighbors in Liberia will “get active” and participate in our Register for Eligibility to Vote program designed to empower Liberians to chart the course of the new Liberia.

These elections are about the Liberian people! For Liberians who have access to the Internet, we ask you to frequently visit our Web site. We need your help and staying connected is the best way to stay informed and ensure victory in 2005.

Our Web site will provide you with all the information you need from party platform to news releases. Thank you for visiting We hope you’ll be visiting often.


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