Ellen Foresees Great Development Future 

Ellen Johnson Sirleaf, Liberia’s foremost female political heavyweight has been looking beyond her trip to the southeastern part of the country, noting that it has strengthened her commitment to the development of the Liberian nation and its people.

“Personally for me, it has reconnected and re-energized me. It has also given me a warm feeling of togetherness on a people-to people basis,” she indicated amidst applause from partisans of the Unity Party (UP) and other well-wishers.

Ellen Johnson Sirleaf - UP

  She spoke Wednesday in Zwedru, Grand Gedeh during a welcoming ceremony held in her honor by UP partisans at UP’s local headquarters.

   She told dozens of partisans and other Grand Gedeans who thronged the party local headquarters that such trip did not only straighten and re-energize her but also “make her to realize the scope of the challenge we have.”

   The Unity Party strong pillar Wednesday concluded a five-county tour during which she conducted the party’s mini conventions to elect county officials as well as senatorial and representative aspirants on the ticket of the UP.

  The tour took her to Maryland, Grand Kru, River Gee, Sinoe and Grand Gedeh Counties.

  According to her, as she meandered through thick mud and wild forest and observed the bountiful natural endowment God has blessed this nation with, she said that “this brings a deep sense of commitment to her life for national development.”

  The UP’s Standard Bearer intimated also that such experience demonstrates that “all Liberians need to work together to meet the challenge of development to enable our people in the southeast tap the resources God has blessed them with.”

  In her remarks, Madam Sirleaf also reflected on some development projects initiated by past presidents, noting “it was incumbent upon them who want to lead the nation to continue those projects and build upon them.”

  Perhaps to achieve the tedious task, she expressed her party’s unflinching commitment to working with people of the counties she has visited.

 “I want to tell you that we need the commitment of everyone. No one person, one party, one religion or one tribe is able to meet this challenge. All of us have to work together in the spirit of unity and strong commitment to be able to move our country forward,” she said.

  Besides the development aspect, she said her trip to the southeast symbolizes a people- to-people connection “so that they see us as part of them to put the past behind us.”

  In another development, Madam Sirleaf inspired partisans of the party on the goal of the UP. According to her, the goal of her party is to “spread democracy to ensure that everyone feels part of the country, to know that he pr she has a stake and role to play in it.”

  She said, “As long as we are committed to that, I think our feature is good and bright and together we can make great progress.”

  Before her statement, citizens of the county, through a spokesman, thanked her for her visit in the county.

 Meanwhile, several in the southeast have pledged their support to the candidacy of the UP standard bearer, describing her as their best and ultimate choice.

  “Women, do not sit there, do something; it’s time for women to take the helm of power. The men have ruled us for so long,” were statements used by the women in support of Ellen.

  The expression of support came from women in Maryland, Grand Kru, River Gee and Grand Gedeh Counties where the UP Iron lady visited.

  In River Gee, the women presented a white chicken to the female presidential contender as an appreciation of her visit to the county, not only to hold a party convention but to also identify with them in their hardship.

  Madam Betty Seakor who presented the chicken on behalf of the women of River said they were glad that Madam Sirleaf was in the county to visit with them despite the deplorableness of the road.

   At the same time, at the close of her visit, the UP’s Standard bearer visited Konobo, one of the districts in Grand Gedeh where she was given a mammoth welcome.

   Children, mothers and the fathers lined the main entrance of Ziah Town, the seat of the district to welcome Madam Sirleaf.

    In their statement to Madam Sirleaf at a formal welcome program at a football field in the town, the residents thanked for her concern for the Liberian people.

  They however appealed to her to assist with the construction of market building, hand pump and rehabilitation of the only public school which was destroyed during the war.